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Where does the money go?

On the weekly tournaments, betting fees are $15 for Tuesday and Thursday and $10 for Wednesday and Friday.  These fees are mandatory for play.  They are waived only in the case of guest players who pay a $3 guest fee.  This guest fee does allow the guest member to participate in the par 3's closest-to-the-pin.  Once a player establishes a handicap, he must participate in the mandatory weekly tournaments.

The Breakdown: For Tuesday Thursday Only

The $20 annual membership dues also are added to the annual tournament money. 

Of the $15 collected on Tuesday and Thursday, essentially all of it goes back to the members during the weekly or yearly tournaments.  Less than 1% of the money is used for expenses incurred running the weekly tournaments.

1. $2 each week goes to the CLUB pot. While this money can be used for legitimate club expenses like supplies and bank fees, it is the principal source of funds for the annual, three round tournaments. 

2. $7 goes into the weekly tournament PRIZE pot.  The payout for each flight is 60%-40% or 50%-30%-20%. of the prize money collected depending on the number of players.

3. $2 goes into a Bonus pot that boosts the winnings of the first-place winner in each flight.  If two or more people tie for first place; this side pot is divided equally.

4. $3 goes into the SKINS game (winning a hole outright—no ties). The total number of gross (without handicap) and net (with handicap) SKINS evenly split the money collected in the weekly pot.  Often a player will win both the gross and net skin for a given hole.  Because the number of winners varies greatly from week to week, the value of a SKIN can vary greatly.  SKIN value typically runs from $5 to $10 each but has been known to go above $20 or higher some weeks.  Usually a birdie or better is

 needed to win a gross skin, but depending on handicap, a par or bogey will frequently win a net skin.

5. $1 goes into the Closest-to-the Pin pot.  Typically, there are 4 par threes on each course.  So, if we have 40 players, each of the Closest-to-the-Pin markers would pay $10. (If we have 5 par threes each would pay $8 in this example.)